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prof. Giorgio Rosatti

Published in CUDAM

Professor at University of Trento

«Scientists investigate that which already is; 
engineers create that which has never been».

Albert Einstein

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My primary research interest is developing numerical models for describing solid-liquid flows, mainly in natural or anthropized environments. This task requires the challenging effort to combine the capability of understanding and mathematically describing a phenomenon, peculiar to a scientist, with the ability of building innovative computer-based tools for an effective solution of practical problems, distinctive of an engineer. Linking research to the engineering professional world is one of the most exciting and stimulating aspects of my work I am trying to pursue since the beginning of my career.

Another component of the academic work that I like very much is teaching. I think that teaching is not only knowledge transfer but also (and probably essentially) arousing interest, enthusiasm and passion for a subject. My effort is to do a good job in order to mould brilliant and qualified engineers and scientists.

About Mhymesis

Modelling Hazard of hYperconcentrated Mountain flows: a wEbgis SImulation System.